Ambience. Something watching over me.

When I took this photograph I saw the title straight away. I’ve always wanted to live in a seaside shack. This white wooden abode overlooks the trembling sea. Then I thought of what is represented in that guardian in tower form. Who was watching over me? Whilst I lived and spent imagined days of delight sitting within that white structure filled with my iconic belongings of comfort and never let me downs. What help would I actually need from an angelic entity?

Then the lightbulb went on. That guardian would proffer a simple nudge in the right direction. The guardian had no interest in providing deep analysis or insights. It wanted me to find it all for myself and allow me to add my own ongoing findings to my inner sanctuary. And then I thought of holistic. We exist in a biological, psychological, emotional and social world of ‘Me’. Just me. Not egotistical. But survival.

And so to the point. What helps to neutralise ‘Me’ into an entity of well being? In actuality? It’s…….The senses. I truly believe it to be the senses. Ambience of being. Smell, touch, seeing, beliefs, taste, listening, learning. My next blogs will exist to think out my holistic feelings linked to the senses and those individual past, present and future hoped for experiences of collective positives that exist to appease my soul.

As an example?

Clay. Cold, soft, beautiful………..clay.

The smell of clay. The touch of clay. The sight of clay developing into my dreamed works in artistic forms and actually from my own hands. The belief of what clay represents in my world historically and emotionally. The taste of what exists in my life when clay is involved. What clay represents in my hearing and what sounds I reflect on when clay was present at that time in my life and what went on in the world surrounding me. What is garnered in knowledge of what clay has given me by simply being associated with my life in a ten year period. Simply? Handling and having clay in my life became something that, now I reflect on what happened and it’s influence, I could cry for it’s never being revisited for decades now.

The Tower above. Whispers to me………your hands miss creativity. Your current Mind and conscious activities in assisting others? Going…..fading…….heading now towards a distant horizon……..time to re-evaluate the innermost you.

A phrase used in my life at the moment?

“You….are not your Mind”.

You can sit outside your mind and simply watch it’s chattering. You are a single audience, sitting watching your mind’s activities on a stage. That ‘Something watching over me’. You separate your being from the lifetime histrionics of what your mind is consistently whispering inside the brain. Sitting in a theatre watching the Mind, your Mind, perform it’s well worn stories to you and simply dropping little bombshells of advice that are there to reign you in and keep you safe.

Now? “Please stop whispering and chattering and badgering….Mind”. Time to break free of the shackles of the mind saying ‘You can’t’. When actually….I can’.

So? I am both the tower and the seaside shack after all.

You get the picture.

By the way. I love clay. It changed my life in a beautiful way. And I yearn for it’s return…………

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