Umbrella, Tree, Firepit and Night sky stars.


I am sitting outside. In my direct and peripheral vision are umbrella, tree, fire pit and star filled night sky.

Umbrella. Lasts as long as it’s man/woman made status dictates.

Tree. Mother Nature and therefore, if looked or not looked after, lives or dies.

Fire pit. Transient, either lives for the moment, kept alight for as long as it is nurtured, therefore…..intense and bright flame brilliance or slow burning live life with intention to experience all……which equals…..short or long lived.

Night time stars. Infinity, unlooked fors and unknown. The maybe of what may be. The hoped fors that keep the spirit alive.

Isn’t life like that?



Author: graysummers

And so the story goes, to where? No one knows. But it involves a Volkswagen T2 Crossover Bay Bus called Billie Bud (known to most people as ‘WOW, a camper van’); a Pentax LX SLR camera loaded with black and white film; cooking vegetarian food on a basic set up of Cobb cooker, a couple of gas rings and an open fire; reading books; listening to music and the ruminations from a Staff Nurse. to fill the hours outside of your nurse job somehow.

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